Subject: Descriptive Geometry with Perspective 2 (12 - ASO9)

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CategoryAcademic-general educative
Scientific or art field:Mathematical Sciences
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Course is active from 01.10.2013..

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Course idMandatoryMandatory
Descriptive Geometry with Perspective 1YesYes
Developing spatial visualization skills, spatial imagination and ability of graphic representation of three-dimensional (3D) space and achieving the illusion of the space in a perspective image (PI).
Ability to detect and interpret spatial relationships and properties of complex geometric forms and their geometric structure out of PI. The design of 3D configurations and their graphical representation in PIs.
SHADING AND VISUAL REALISM. Basic principles of shading. Illumination dividing line. Detection of characteristic elements of shadows in orthogonal and oblique views and axonometric images for parallel and central illumination rays. VISUALIZATION AND GEOMETRIC STRUCTURE OF COMPLEX 3D FORMS IN PI. Three point perspective. Rotation and fictive the true sizes. The concepts of visibility. Application to plane figures, polyhedra, solids of revolution, plane sections and mutual intersections of surfaces, etc.. Visual angle and choice of PI.Two point and central PIs. Analysis of complex surfaces: ruled surfaces, arches, vaults, domes, roofs and the like. VISUAL REALISM IN PI. SHADOWS. REFLECTIONS. Central and parallel ilumination rays. The characteristic elements of light rays for the sake of direct determination of shadows in PI. The reflections in horizontal, vertical and oblique mirrors. RESTITUTION OF PI. Criteria for the analysis of PI metric properties and the detection of spatial relations of objects displayed in PI. ILLUSION OF SPACE AND APPLICATION TO THE THEATRE PERSPECTIVE.
Lectures. Graphical - audiotorial practricals. Tutorials.
Štulić, R.Perspektiva - vizuelizacija 3D prostora iz perspektivnih slika2006Fakultet tehničkih nauka, Novi SadSerbian language
Anagnosti, P.Perspektiva1996Naučna knjiga, BeogradSerbian language
Anđelković, H.Perspektiva1991Univerzitet u NišuSerbian language
Živanović, S. i dr.Nacrtna geometrija II.1988Naučna knjiga, BeogradSerbian language
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Exercise attendanceYesYes5.00
Graphic paperYesYes20.00
Lecture attendanceYesYes5.00
Oral part of the examNoYes10.00
Practical part of the exam - tasksNoYes40.00
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Štulić Radovan
Full Professor

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Nikolić Dimitrije
Assistant Professor

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