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17.05.2013. - 09:07
About Fundamental disciplines in Engineering

Department structure

The Department for fundamental disciplines in engineering is organized into three chairs:

• Chair of Mathematics (35 members, head: Professor Mila
Stojaković, Ph.D.)
• Chair of Physics (13 members, head: Professor Ana Kozmidis
Petrović, Ph.D.)
• Chair of Social Studies and Arts (10 members, head: Professor
Radoš Radivojević, Ph.D.)
• Chair of Engineering Animation (8 members, head: Professor
Ratko Obradović, Ph.D.)
• Physics Laboratory
• Center for Mathematics and Statistics (CMS)


The Department is involved in the education of students of all the departments at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, at the undergraduate, Master and Doctoral as well as specialist studies. Most of the subjects taught at the Department are on the first and second years of study. The Department also offers it study programme: Animation in Engineering – undergraduate,
Master and Doctoral studies.

Doctoral studies

As of 2006/2007 academic year the Department offers Doctoral degree programmes in the area of Mathematics in Engineering and since 2012/13 also in Animation in Engineering. Scientific research The Department has an exceptionally successful scientific record. Three members of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences come from this Department: academician professor Mirko Stojaković who founded the Chair of Mathematics, academician professor Vojislav Marić who was later the head of the Chair over a long period of time and academician professor Miljko Satarić from the Chair of Physics.

International cooperation

International cooperation of the Department takes the form of individual contacts and cooperation of with the members with of scientific institutions outside the country. Most significant is the cooperation with:
• University of Toronto, Canada
• Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
• University of Helsinki, Finland
• Tel Aviv University, Israel
• Dublin Trinity College, Ireland
• Oxford Computer Laboratory, England
• Technische Universitaet Dresden, Germany
• Technische Universitaet Berlin, Germany
• University of Auckland, New Zealand
• Catholic University Nijmegen, the Netherlands
• University of Montreal, Canada
• Universita di Torino, Italy
• Tech. University Bucuresti, Romania
• Debrecen University, Hungary
• Faculty of Economics in Budapest, Hungary
• Faculty of Philosophy in Szeged, Hungary

The Department has organized or co-organized numerous visits by world renowned mathematicians including:

• Prof. H. J. Zimmermann, University of Aachen,
• Prof. S. Todorčević, University of Paris,
• Prof. R. Mesiar, Slovakian Technical University, Bratislava,
• Prof. J. Miller, Trinity College Dublin,
• Prof. H. G. Roos, Technische Universitaet Dresden,
• Prof. B. de Baets, University of Gent, Belgium
• Prof. H.P. Barendregt, Catholic University Nijmegen, member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

The Department has an exceptionally successful cooperation with all the other departments at the Faculty of Technical Sciences as well as with the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Novi Sad, the Institute of Mathematics of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. This long–standing cooperation has resulted in numerous projects in the areas of theoretical and applied mathematics, physics and social sciences and several hundred publications in eminent international scientific journals. The results of scientific research have been presented at numerous international conferences in the form of plenaries
and presentations. The laboratory of the Center for Mathematics and Statistics, equipped with 16 computers, provides the facilities for conducting serious mathematical and statistical research using the latest software. The results of these studies are published in renowned scientific journals.

Cooperation with the industrial sector

This cooperation is realized through the Center for Mathematics and Statistics which provides services in the areas of education, programming, statistical data analysis and application of mathematical models to different practical fields.

Publishing and research presentation

This is related to the plentiful educational and scientific activity at the Department and has resulted in more than a hundred course books, scientific monographs published by the Department members.