Subject: Introduction and Principles of Occupational Safety (06 - ZR101)

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Scientific or art field:Environment Protection Engineering
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Department of Production Engineering
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Course is active from 01.10.2009..

Educational objective of the course is to introduce students to the basic principles of health and safety at work and to the importance of their application as a basic prerequisite for the realization of all safety, health, ethical and economics rights and benefits for each individual as well as for the enterprise. During the lectures students are introduced to the basic concepts in the field of health and safety at work, as well as with the importance of the strict compliance with the existing regulations in the field. The necessity of the occupational health and safety system establishment is elaborated, elements of the system are described and the way of its establishment is explained, as well as its constant development over time. Students are introduced to the role of the Government, Union of Employers and Employee Syndicate whose close cooperation represents the foundation of success in the implementation of the health and safety at work system on the state level.
After this course students will have acquired basic knowledge about the importance and principles of occupational health and safety. They will be able to recognize these principles and to adhere to them within the real business environment. They will be introduced to the role of all stakeholders in implementation of the occupational health and safety system, thus acquiring necessary knowledge for implementation of the system in the enterprises. Students will be introduced to the importance of education of the wider population with an objective to achieve adequate level of awareness of the individuals, as a basic prerequisite for achieving the safe working environment. Students will also be introduced to the basic regulations in the field of occupational health and safety derived from European Union directives, conventions of International Labour Organization and International Organization for Standardization.
Systems and system elements. Organizational system and the enterprise. Basic elements of the systems and working processes in the enterprise. Technical-technological processes in the enterprise and process characteristics. Basic concepts in the field of occupational health and safety; Importance of the safe working place and working environment; Occupational health and safety principles; Basic elements of occupational health and safety; Protection aspects of occupational health and safety – health, ethical and financial; System of occupational health and safety in the Republic of Serbia; Establishment of the occupational health and safety systems as an European integration process; Process of stabilization and association to the EU; International legal sources in the field of occupational health and safety; European Union Directives; Conventions of the International Labour Organization; Legal regulations of the Republic of Serbia in the field of occupational health and safety; International standards in the field of occupational health and safety; Examples of good practice.
Teaching method is based on the multimedia lectures and practice. During the lectures the framework of the problem is presented and facts and theoretical approach are analyzed, while the practice is in the interactive form and it is realized through practical work within the laboratory practice. Teaching method includes at least forty percent of the time devoted to the active participation of students, work in a laboratory and visits to the production and service organizations.
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Written part of the exam - tasks and theoryNoYes70.00
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