General information

Type of studies
Undergraduate Academic Studies

Academic degree
Bachelor with Honours in Electrical and Computer Engineering (B.Elec.Comp.Eng.)

Educational field
Technical-Technological Science

Scientific, professional or art field
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Duration (year/sem)
3 / 6

Total ECTS



Year: 2, Semester: Winter

Mathematical Analysis 23300.007
Introduction to Electronics3210.007
Electrical Circuit Theory3111.007
Digital Electronics3210.007
Practicum in electronics engineering tools0011.002
English Language - Intermediate2000.002

Year: 2, Semester: Summer

Object-Oriented Programming3300.007
Introduction to Microcomputer Electronics3120.007
Basics of Telecommunications3111.006
Measuring in Electronics2020.004
Systems and Signals3110.004

Year: 3, Semester: Winter

English in Engineering 12000.002
Microprocessor Electronics3021.006
Analog Microelectronic Circuits3210.006
Laboratory practice of electronics0020.003

Year: 3, Semester: Summer

Academic Written and Spoken Communication in the Serbian Language2000.002
Impulse and Digital Electronic Circuits3210.007
Discrete-time systems and signals3030.006
Elective Course 12-30-21-20.00-1.005
Elective Course 22020.00-1.006

Year: 4, Semester: Winter

Elective Course 330-30-30.006
Elective Course 430-21-30.006
Elective Course 50-30-20-30.006
Elective Course 63030.006
Elective Course 70-30-20-30.006
Professional Practice0003.002

Year: 4, Semester: Summer

Elective Course 83030.006
Elective Course 930-21-30.006
Elective Course 100-20-20-30.005
Preparation and Defence of Graduate Thesis00010.0012