Professional Studies Professor Zoja Erdeljan

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Zoja Erdeljan

Professional Studies Professor

Academic titleProfessional Studies Professor

Zoja Erdeljan (Zrenjanin, 1995) is a scene designer. She earned her Bachelor's in Scene Architecture, Technique and Design in Novi Sad, at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Sub-Department of Art and Design, with the thesis Design of Scene Event Space - Golden Triad. She received her MA in Scene Architecture and Design at the same faculty with the thesis The Relationship between Smells and Memories in Scene Design through a multimedia exhibition Scented Stories. During her studies, she has participated in various projects in the fields of art and culture. She has designed sets and scenographies for student plays, films, and commercials.
Within Zoja’s professional practice, she is equally active on projects in performing and visual arts. She worked as a set designer and assistant set designer in theatres in Belgrade, Subotica, Užice and Šabac. In the field of visual arts, she is currently engaged in architecture and spatial design for several exhibitions in national museums in Serbia. In addition to her artistic work, she was an associate on projects of scene architecture at the company Profakustika in Belgrade.
Zoja is studying for her doctorate in Scene Design at the Faculty of Technical Sciences. Since 2021, she has been employed at the same faculty as a research associate, where she is primarily engaged in subjects in the field of theory of scene design, also taking part in the conceptualisation and production of projects within the Scen Centre for Scene Design, Architecture and Technology.

Intern Researcher
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Intern Researcher01.01.2022.31.12.2022.Department of Architecture and Urban Planning
Intern Researcher01.04.2021.31.12.2021.Department of Architecture and Urban Planning
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Professional Studies ProfessorScenska arhitektura, tehnika i dizajn-scenski dizajnFaculty of Technical Sciences01.04.2021.