Assistant - Master Milana Guteša

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Milana Guteša

Assistant - Master

Academic titleAssistant - Master
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Assistant - Master
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Criterium of productionDescription
() Research published in the prominent international journalGvozdenac Urošević B., Grković V., Guteša M.: Energy and economic effects of CHP with combined technologies of corn cobs gasification and gas turbines DOI REFERENCE: 10.2298/TSCI150925021G, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 2016, ISSN 1290-0729
() Research published in the international journalGrković V., Živković D., Guteša M.: A New Approach in CHP Steam Turbines Thermodynamic Cycles Computations, Thermal Science, 2012, Vol. 16, No 2 - S, pp. 399-407, ISSN 0354-9836, UDK: 621
() Report from the international meeting printed in its entiretyGrković V., Guteša M.: The air cooled gas turbine stage, efficiency versus reaction grade, 4. Regional Conference Industrial Energy and Environmental Protection in South Eastern European Countries IEEP, Divčibare, 26-29 Jun, 2013
() Report from the international meeting printed in its entiretyGuteša M.: An Approach to Predicting the Performances of Combined Heat and Power Steam Turbines, 6. PSU-UNS International Conference on Engineering and Technology - ICET, Novi Sad: Novi Sad, 15-17 Maj, 2013
TitleScientific areaHigher education institutionElection date
Assistant - MasterTermotehnika i termoenergetikaFaculty of Technical Sciences01.11.2016.
Assistant - MasterThermal Energetics and Thermotechnics01.11.2013.