Asst. Prof. Maja Petrović

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Maja Petrović

Assistant Professor

Academic titleAssistant Professor
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Assistant Professor
PositionFromToOrganizational unit
Professional Associate-Laboratory26.12.2017.Chair of Environmental Engineering
Assistant - Master26.12.2011.Chair of Environmental Engineering
Teaching Associate01.01.2010.01.12.2011.Department of Environmental Engineering and Occupational Safety and Health
TitleIn institution
Kvantifikacija perzistentnih organskih polutanata gasnom hromatografijom sa MS detektorom u uzorcima vazduha

Bachelor's thesis

Environmental and Occupational Safety Engineering

Faculty of Technical Sciences


Nivoi koncentracija i upravljanje perzistentnim organskim polutantima u heterogenom sistemu deponija komunalnog otpada

PhD thesis

Environmental and Occupational Safety Engineering

Faculty of Technical Sciences


Criterium of productionDescription
() Monographic study/chapter in M12 or research in the thematic collection of the international importanceTurk Sekulić M., Radonić (Jakšić) J., Petrović (Đogo) M.: Characterization of gas/particle partitioning of PCBs and PAHs in a pilot area of Kragujevac, Serbia U: Environmental, Health And Humanity Issues In The Down Danubian Region: Multidisciplinary Approaches, Singapur, World Scientific, 2008, str. 284-295, ISBN 978-981-283-439-3
() Researches published in the journals of the international importancePetrović (Đogo) M., Sremački M., Radonić (Jakšić) J., Mihajlović I., Obrovski B., Vojinović-Miloradov M.: Health risk assessment of PAHs, PCBs and OCPs in atmospheric air of municipal solid waste landfill in Novi Sad, Serbia, Science of the Total Environment, 2018, Vol. 644, pp. 1201-1206, ISSN 0048-9697
() Research published in the prominent international journalMilanović M., Mihajlović I., Pap S., Brborić M., Petrović (Đogo) M., Grujić-Letić N., Nježić Z., Milić N.: Necessity of meat-processing industry's wastewater treatmenta one-year trial in Serbia, Desalination and Water Treatment, 2016, Vol. 57, No 34, pp. 15806-15812, ISSN 1944-3986
() Research published in the international journalČavić A., Sremački M., Petrović (Đogo) M., Obrovski B., Šunjević M., Mihajlović I., Bošković A., Vojinović-Miloradov M.: Valorisation of the concentration levels of toxic metal cations in river Danube surface water via multicriteria analysis, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 2018, Vol. 27, No 11/2018, pp. 7787-7798, ISSN 1018-4619
() Research published in the international journalDurakovac A., Mihajlović I., Petrović (Đogo) M., Sekulić M., Marković M., Vojinović-Miloradov M.: Bioretention systems as a part of advanced environmental treatment practice of wastewater in the city of Novi Sad, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 2018, Vol. 27, No 1, pp. 283-290, ISSN 1018-4619
() Research published in the international journalPetrović (Đogo) M., Radonić (Jakšić) J., Mihajlović I., Obrovski B., Ubavin D., Turk Sekulić M., Vojinović-Miloradov M.: Selection of optimal parameters for future research monitoring programmes on MSW landfill in Novi Sad, Serbia , Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 2017, Vol. 26, No 7/2017, pp. 4867-4875, ISSN 1018-4619
() Research published in the international journalMihajlović I., Pap S., Sremački M., Brborić M., Babunski D., Petrović (Đogo) M.: Comparison of Spectrolyser Device Measurements with Standard Analysis of Wastewater Samples in Novi Sad, Serbia, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 2014, Vol. 93, No 3, pp. 354-359, ISSN 0007-4861
() Research published in the international journalRadonić (Jakšić) J., Vojinović-Miloradov M., Turk Sekulić M., Kiurski J., Đogo M., Milovanović D.: The octanol-air partition coefficient, KOA, as a predictor of gas-particle partitioning of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and polychlorinated biphenyls at industrial and urban sites, Journal of Serbian Chemical Society, 2011, Vol. 76, No 3, pp. 447-458, ISSN 0352-5139, UDK: doi: 10.2298/JSC100616037R
() Invited lectures from the international meeting printed in extractsVojinović-Miloradov M., Mihajlović I., Živančev (Šenk) N., Obrovski B., Šunjević M., Petrović (Đogo) M., Dmitrašinović S., Čavić A.: Mass load and chemical emissions of selected inorganic and organic emerging substances from river Danube to the black sea, 24. International Scientific Conference-Engineering for Environment Protection-TOP 2018, Štrbske Pleso: Slovak University of Technology, 19-21 Septembar, 2018, pp. 38-39, ISBN 978-80-227-4835-3
() Invited lectures from the international meeting printed in extractsKiurski J., Vojinović-Miloradov M., Vidicki B., Krstić J., Oros I., Đogo M., Milovanović D.: Wastewater treatment in printing facilities, 7. The 7th IMT-GT UNINET and The 3rd Joint International PSU-UNS Conferences (BioScience for the future 2010), Hat Yai: Prince of Songkla University, Thailand, 7-8 Oktobar, 2010, pp. 289-289
TitleScientific areaHigher education institutionElection date
Assistant ProfessorEnvironment Protection EngineeringUniversity of Novi Sad01.02.2018.
Assistant - MasterEnvironment Protection EngineeringFaculty of Technical Sciences26.12.2014.
Assistant - MasterEnvironment Protection Engineering26.12.2011.
Teaching AssociateEnvironment Protection EngineeringFaculty of Technical Sciences22.12.2010.
Ministry of Science Scollar on PhD StudiesEnvironment Protection Engineering01.10.2008.