Subject: Fundamental electrical engineering (06 - EOS01)

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Scientific or art field:Theoretical Electrotechnics
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Course is active from 01.01.2007..

Course objective is to teach students to solve simple electric circuits of direct current and time variable current, as well as to calculate impedance and basic physical parameters of the loads in such networks, resistance of resistors, inductance of coils and capacitance of capacitors. Also, the objective is that the students learn how to solve single phase circuits as well as simple symmetrical three-phase circuits.
Students who successfully complete the course are able to calculate currents and voltages in simple electric circuits of direct current, to calculate impedance of simple structures with windings, to solve simple electric circuits with alternating currents and to calculate instantaneous, active, reactive and apparent power in mono phase and symmetrical three phase circuits.
Electric energy, voltage, potential. Capacitors. Intensity of electric current. Kirhofs Current law. Ohms law, resistors, series and parallel resistors, mixed resistors. Joules law. Generators and their characteristics. Simple electric circuits. Direct current circuits. Time harmonic current. Impedance and simple circuits. Phasors. Time harmonic analysis, trigonometrical solution of the AC circuits. Complex power. Maximum active power transfer. Symmetrical three phase systems.
Lectures supported by video presentations. Inductive method is applied in the lectures. Students start with simple problems and gradually move to more complex.
Anamarija Juhas, Miodrag Milutinov, Neda Pekaric NadjZbirka zadataka iz osnova elektrotehnike za strukovne studije2012edicija FTNSerbian language
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Written part of the exam - tasks and theoryNoYes70.00
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Kasaš-Lažetić Karolina
Assistant Professor

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Milutinov Miodrag
Assistant Professor

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Kisić Milica
Asistent sa doktoratom

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