Subject: Advanced Engineering Technologies (12 - IIDR5S)

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Scientific or art field:Production Systems, Organization and Management
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Course is active from 29.10.2012..

The overall objective of the course is to understand the place, role, purpose and applicability of advanced technologies in various fields of engineering management, in order to meet strategic and operational objectives of companies. In this sense, the goal of this course is to develop students' abilities to: (1) understand the basic concepts of advanced (info, nano, bio) technologies, (2) select technologies depending on the context and the problems observed, (3) understand the philosophy of technology, from scientific breakthrough to innovation (4) analyse technological trends and the relationship between knowledge and innovation in the development of technology, and (5) understand the role of technology in the knowledge society and (6) protection of intellectual property resulting from the development of technology.
Students will be able to: (1) understand the basic concepts of advanced (info, nano, bio) technologies, (2) use tools for analysis of technology trends, draw conclusions, and propose to compare the different technology strategies , (3) link elements of technology and business strategy, (4) manage knowledge for innovation and propose strategies for the protection of intellectual property rights, (5) propose a conceptual solution and as part of a team multidisciplinary (from position product managers, engineers and logistics progressing civilization , techno-entrepreneurs) involved in their implementation.
What is technology? Where is the source of technology and how does it diffuse? Classification of technology. Kondratiefov cycle. 3O technology - info, bio, nano. Relation knowledge - innovation - technology. Technology push and market pull. Knowledge management for innovation. Intellectual property and technology. Application of new technologies in various fields of engineering management. The challenges of the 21st century. Globalization. Sustainability. Energy. City of the Future. Mobility. Communication. Example of new technologies developed in Serbia - speech technologies.
Lectures, seminars, group discussions, information search, reading of scientific literature, and preparation and delivery of presentations.
Katalinić, B., Ćosić, I., i Tekić, Ž.Znanje, tehnologije, inovacija (elektronska skripta)2013FTNSerbian language
Biljana StošićMenadžment inovacija - Ekspertni sistemi, modeli i metodi2007FON, BeogradSerbian language
Tekić, Ž., Ćosić, I., i Katalinić, BHouse of Knowledge Model: Knowledge, Co-creation, Innovation2012Proceedings of 5th International Conference MCP-CE 2012, Novi Sad, pp 247 – 251, English
Paul TrotInnovation management and New product development , 5th editiion2012Prentice HallEnglish
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Written part of the exam - tasks and theoryNoYes60.00
Term paperYesYes25.00
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Lazarević Milovan
Full Professor

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Katalinić Branko
Guest Professor

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Lalić Bojan
Full Professor

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Tekić Željko

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