Subject: Bacherol Thesis (17 - IAZR02)

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Scientific or art field:Design
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Course is active from 01.10.2005..

Use of basic, lessons learned and methods to solve practical problems in the selected areas. Students studied the problem, and the complexity of its structure and based on the conclusions of the analysis performed on possible ways of solving it. By studying literature students are introduced to methods of solving similar tasks and practice in solving them. Acquiring knowledge about, the structure and form of writing reports after completing analyzes and other activities carried out within the stated theme of the final work. By producing the final paper, students gain experience in writing papers in which it is necessary to describe the problem, methods, and procedures performed and results obtained.
Training students to independently apply previously acquired knowledge in different areas that have been previously studied, in order to review the structure of the given problem and its systematic analysis and to draw conclusions on possible directions for its resolution. Through the use of literature independently, students expand their knowledge of the chosen field of study and different methods of work that are related to a similar problem. Self studying and solving tasks in a given topic area, students gain knowledge of the complexity of the problems of their profession. Preparation of the results for public defense, public defense, and answers to questions and complaints commission student acquires the necessary experience on the way to practice to present the results of independent or collective work.
Formed in accordance with the individual needs and fields covered by the given topic of the final paper. In consultation with the supervisor student makes the Bachelor with Honours Thesis in accordance with standards of the Faculty of Technical Sciences. Students prepare and defend thesis publicly, in agreement with the supervisor in accordance with standards. Students study literature, professional works and student projects that deal with similar topics, makes analyzes in order to find solutions specific task defined the task of the thesis.
Mentor of diploma thesis compiles and submits it to the student. The student is required to work within a given topic, which is defined in the working task. During the work, a mentor can give students additional instructions, refer to the literature and further directed him to the production of quality diploma thesis. In the theoretical part of the final work of the student consults with the supervisor, if necessary, with other teachers who are dealing with topics from the field of the thesis. Within a given topic, the student, if necessary perform certain measurements, tests, counting, polls and other surveys, if stipulated final paper assignment. Defense of the thesis is public, and the student is required to following the presentation of oral answers to the questions and comments.
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Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Final exam defenceNoYes50.00
Writing the final paper with theoretic basisNoYes50.00
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