Subject: Materials and fabrication technologies in medical devices (12 - BMI107)

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Scientific or art field:Electronics
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Course is active from 20.10.2012..

Students will be qualified to understand properties of often used materials in biomedicine as well as application of these materials in modern medical devices.
- understanding properties and application areas of most often used materials in biomedicine - an ability to apply bioceramics, artificial materials, composites, etc. in medicine and stomatology - an ability to manufacture components and systems based on biomaterials using LTCC technology - an ability to manufacture flexible electronic components applying organic and nonorganic materials
- division (conventional) of electronic materials and their properties - fundamentals of artificial electromagnetic materials and their application in medicine - overview of materials important for the biomedicine field - bioceramics (barium-titanate for ultrasound probes, ferrites for suppression of noises in medical devices, superconductive magnets for application in magnetic resonance imaging) - biomedical composites - biopolymers (teflon as an isolated material for probes in medicine, polymeric wireless implants for measuring blood sugar) - biomaterials for cardiovascular applications (Ag/AgCl for electrodes) - biomaterials for dental application - biomaterials for orthopedic application - biomaterials for tissue reparation - overview of available fabrication technologies and comparison of characteristics and application possibilities - LTCC technology for manufacturing sensors in biomedicine, lab-on-chip, etc. - PCB technology and softwares for design circuits for PCB - technologies which can use flexible substrates (ink-jet technology for realization of various implantable sensors)
Lectures. Auditory exercises. Laboratory exercises. Consultations. Experimental projects.
Goran Stojanović, Ljiljana ŽivanovMaterijali u elektrotehnici2007FTN izdavaštvoSerbian language
H. L. KwokElectronic materials1997PWS Publishing CompanyEnglish
Rolf E. HummelElectronic Properties of Materials2001Springer, 3rd editionEnglish
Lj. Živanov, G. Stojanović, A. Marić, G. RadosavljevićMaterijali u elektrotehnici, zbirka rešenih zadataka2007Univerzitet u Novom Sadu, Fakultet tehničkih naukaSerbian language
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Final exam - part oneNoYes35.00
Final exam - part twoNoYes35.00
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Živanov Ljiljana

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Stojanović Goran
Full Professor

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Samardžić Nataša
Assistant Professor

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