Subject: Computational mechanics and dynamical system simulations (17 - MIT004)

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Scientific or art field:Mechanics
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Course is active from 20.12.2018..

Introducing students with computer simulations based on continuum mechanics. Understanding well defined problem, physical laws and additional conditions which define uniqueness and existence solutions. Learning about type of problem, as well as the choice of approximation for solving engineering problems. Training students for independent usage of a different methods for computer simulations.
The student acquires theoretical knowledge for recognizing the type and complexity of a dynamic process in the framework of solid-state mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics in order to uniquely define the problem being simulated. The student is mastering the principles of using commercial software for simulating and visualizing complex processes in continuum framework, as well as the principles of elementary programming techniques related to the simulation of continuum based problems.
Modeling complex processes in the framework of continuum mechanics. Basic laws of continuum mechanics. Balance equations of mass, momentum and energy, and constitutive relations for predicting transport processes. Scalar problems of continuum mechanics: field problems, problems of conducting heat. Problems of the theory of elasticity, fluid mechanics problems. Numerical simulations of wave propagation. Simulations of the coupled mechanical problems.
Lectures, Computer exersices and consultations.
Christopher J. GreenshieldsUser Guide version 62018OpenFOAM Foundation Ltd.English
F. Moukalled, L. Mangani, M. DarwishThe Finite Volume Method in Computational Fluid Dynamics2016SpringerEnglish
Ahmed A. ShabanaComputational continuum mechanics Third edition2018WileyEnglish
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Project taskYesYes50.00
Project defenceYesYes50.00
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Mađarević Damir
Associate Professor

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Mađarević Damir
Associate Professor

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