Asst. Prof. Damir Mađarević

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Damir Mađarević

Assistant Professor

Academic titleAssistant Professor
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Assistant Professor
PositionFromToOrganizational unit
Assistant with PhD22.10.2013.01.03.2015.Department of Technical Mechanics
Assistant - Master01.10.2009.01.10.2013.Department of Technical Mechanics
Teaching Associate01.10.2007.01.09.2009.Department of Technical Mechanics
TitleIn institution
Grafička i analitička sinteza ravanskih mehanizama

Bachelor's thesis

Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Technical Sciences


Struktura udarnog talasa u disipativnim modelima gasnih mešavina

PhD thesis

Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Technical Sciences


Criterium of productionDescription
() Monographic study/chapter in M11 or research in the thematic collection of the leading international importanceMađarević D.: From Particle Systems to Partial Differential Equations II: Shock Structure and Temperature Overshoot in Macroscopic Multi-temperature Model of Binary Mixtures, Springer International Publishing, 2015, str. 253-272, ISBN ISBN 978-3-319-16637, UDK: 10.1007/978-3-319-16637-7
() Lexicographical or cartographical units in the scientific publication of the international importanceSimić S., Mađarević D.: Non-equilibrium mixtures of gases: modelling and computation, Rivista di Matematica della Università di Parma, Proceedings of 7th Summer School on ''Methods and Models of Kinetic Theory'' (M&Mkt 2014) - Porto Ercole (Grosseto, Italy) June 8-14, 2014, UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI PARMA, 2015, str. 135-214, ISBN Print ISSN 0035-6298
() Research published in the top international journalMađarević D., Simić S.: Shock structure and temperature overshoot in macroscopic multi-temperature model of mixtures, Physics of Fluids, 2014, Vol. 26, ISSN 1070-6631
() Research published in the top international journalSimić S., Mađarević D.: Shock structure in helium-argon mixture - A comparison of hyperbolic multi-temperature model with experiment, Europhysics Letters / EPL, 2013, Vol. 102, No 4, pp. 4002-4002, ISSN 0295-5075
() Research published in the prominent international journalČolić M., Mađarević D., Simić S.: Polyatomic gases with dynamic pressure: Kinetic non-linear closure and the shock structure, International Journal of Nonlinear Mechanics, 2017, Vol. 92, No June 2017, pp. 160-175, ISSN 0020-7462
() Report from the international meeting printed in its entiretySimić S., Mađarević D.: Stability and bifurcation analysis of hyperbolic traffic flow model, 2. International Congress of Serbian Society of Mechanics, Palić: Srpsko društvo za mehaniku, Fakultet tehničkih nauka, 1-5 Jun, 2009, ISBN 978-86-7892-173-5
() Report from the international meeting printed in extractsMađarević D.: Appearance Of The Temperature Overshoot Within The Shock Structure In Binary Gas Mixture Models, 1. Mechanics through Mathematical Modelling, Novi Sad, 6-11 Septembar, 2015
() Report from the international meeting printed in extractsMađarević D.: Shock structure in He-Ar mixture and its comparison with experimental results, 5. European Postgraduate Fluid Dynamics Conference, Göttingen, 9-12 Avgust, 2011
() Research published in the scientific journalČolić M., Simić S., Mađarević D.: Moment Equations for Polyatomic Gases, Rivista di Matematica Della Universita di Parma, 2015, Vol. 6, pp. 135-214, ISSN 0035-6298
() Defended Doctoral dissertationMađarević D.: Struktura udarnog talasa u disipativnim modelima gasnih mešavina, Novi Sad, Fakultet tehničkih nauka, 2013
TitleScientific areaHigher education institutionElection date
Assistant ProfessorMechanicsUniversity of Novi Sad01.04.2015.
Assistant - MasterMechanics24.08.2012.
Assistant - MasterMechanicsFaculty of Technical Sciences30.09.2009.
Teaching AssociateDeformable Body MechanicsFaculty of Technical Sciences01.10.2007.