Subject: Production Systems (12 - II1053)

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Scientific or art field:Production Systems, Organization and Management
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Course is active from 24.09.2007..

The aim of the course is to enable students for developing and designing product systems, defining their characteristics, and designing production processes that take place within them. Students master tools for designing the system structure and the working process and acquire foundations for designing energy systems. During classes, students acquire knowledge necessary for determining the spatial distribution of system elements as a manner of selecting micro and macro locations.
Student will be prepared to develop and design a production system, to recognize and understand the importance of production and product as an essential objective of the production system, as well as to learn basic determinations related to the energy support to the system functioning. During lectures, practice and practical work, students obtain knowledge on a company as an integrated unity of production and other system functions, i.e. the flows of materials, energy and information.
Theoretical lectures: Basic elements of a production system. Development conditions of production systems. Product and production programme. Working process and system capacity. Forming material flows. Individual approach in flow formation. Group approach in flow formation. General model of material flows. Balancing flows in a system. Forming flows in service systems. Forming the production system structure. Process approach in structure formation. Object approach in structure formation. Basic foundations for structure formation. Determining the system elements. Modelling the spatial system structures. Modelling the energy flows. Determining energy demands. Designing energy structures. Location of production systems. Determining the system location in narrow and wider sense. Outsourcing functions or processes to another location or in another production system. Conditions for outsourcing, dividing responsibility and competences, managing the working processes. Organizational readiness for accepting contemporary technological solutions. Simulation of production systems. Practical classes: Discussions with practical examples of production systems from developed countries and the region countries. Analysis on system structures. Elaboration of a seminar paper in a real system. Interactive work and acquiring knowledge in laboratory conditions.
Oral presentations with slides from a video projection. Usage of tables and handouts for practice, work in a laboratory and visits to real contemporary business systems
Zelenović, D.PROJEKTOVANjE PROIZVODNIH SISTEMA2009Naučna knjigaSerbian language
Zelenović, D., Ćosić, I., Maksimović, R.PROJEKTOVANjE PROIZVODNIH SISTEMA-priručnik za vežbe2003FTN Novi SadSerbian language
Zelenović, D., Ćosić, I., Maksimović, R., Maksimović, A.Priručnik za projektovanje proizvodnih sistema - pojedinačni prilaz2003FTN Novi SadSerbian language
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Exercise attendanceYesYes5.00
Written part of the exam - tasks and theoryNoYes30.00
Lecture attendanceYesYes5.00
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Ćosić Ilija
Foreign Language Teacher - Senior Lecturer

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Lazarević Milovan
Associate Professor

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Rikalović Aleksandar
Assistant Professor

Laboratory classes
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Medić Nenad
Assistant - Master

Laboratory classes
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Vekić Aleksandar
Assistant - Master

Laboratory classes