The Centre for Vibro-Acoustic Systems and Signal Processing (CEVAS) is a formal organisational unit of the Faculty of Technical Sciences (FTN), Novi Sad, formed in October 2014.
The CEVAS integrates three research groups from the FTN:

• Group for Nonlinear Dynamics and Oscillations
(Chairperson – Professor Ivana Kovacic)
• Group for Acoustics and Speech Technology
(Chairperson – Professor Vlado Delic)
• Group for Biomedical Signal Processing
(Chairperson – Professor Dragana Bajic)

Management staff
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Kovačić Ivana
Full Professor


The FTN Council approved the establishment of the CEVAS in October 2014.
The National Council for Scientific and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia accredited the CEVAS as the Centre of Excellence on 18 May 2015.