Subject: Material Flow Analysis in Urban Systems (12 - SZDI23)

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Scientific or art field:Environment Protection Engineering
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Course is active from 01.10.2008..

To introduce students to the methodology of material flow analysis of advanced methods for designing anthropogenic metabolism, with special emphasis on the analysis of material flow in urban areas as gravitating centres of long-term reserves and sources of waste materials. Students master the methodology of analysis of material flows and are introduced to the most critical material flow in urban systems, including methods for their identification, as well as methods for evaluation of the existing situation in order to generate long-term solutions. Students are introduced to the achievements in this area and development model in order to be better prepared to identify opportunities for research in this area.
A student acquires knowledge of the new methodology in the field of environmental protection, industrial ecology, resource management, waste management, with emphasis on the design of anthropogenic metabolism, as an advanced tool for the support in making decisions in these areas, as well as the manner for synthesis and evaluation of collected data, taking into account the possibility of their inaccuracy.
Principles of material flow analysis methodology. Basics of anthropogenic metabolism. The structure of anthropogenic systems, the interaction of environment and urban systems. Design of urban systems. Identification and mapping of material flows. Methods of classification of significance of individual flows according to the defined problem. Predicting behavior of proposed solutions for explored issues in urban systems. Criteria and methods of evaluations of both existing and predicted states of urban systems, their definition and development.
The method of teaching is based on lectures, research, and simulation process, including writing a paper in defined area, discussions with specific examples, the analysis of scientific sources.
Paul H. Brunner, Helmut RechebergerMaterial Flow Analysis- Lewis publishersEnglish
Petter Baccini,Paul H. Brunner Metabolism of the Antroposphere- SpringerEnglish
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Term paperYesYes40.00
Oral part of the examNoYes60.00
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Stanisavljević Nemanja
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Vujović Svjetlana
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