Subject: Driving Systems (17 - M301)

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Scientific or art field:Projektovanje i ispitivanje mašina i konstrukcija, transportna tehnika i logistika
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Course is active from 01.10.2005..

Gaining basic knowledge about the characteristics of driving electric motors and power transmitting devices, as well as their integration into driving systems of working machines in accordance with the characteristics of working devices.
Basic readiness for the individual work on the design of machine driving systems.
Introduction (parameters of mechanical power, components of driving mechanism, direction of power flow through a driving mechanism). Working device: basic demands and working resistance characteristic. Representing and surveying drive operation. Steady-state and transitive drive system operating regimes. Defining the duration of transitive operating regimes. Standardised operating regimes of electric motor drives. Electric motors: types, rated parameters, characteristics, the field of intended use, mechanical characteristics. Altering the velocity of an electric motor drive and braking. Choosing and verification of an electric motor for standardised operating regimes. Mechanical power transmitting devices: classification, basic characteristics (gear ratio, degree of utilisation, self braking etc.) relevant for the integration into the driving system of working machine. Relevant parameters for choosing the mechanical power transmitting device in the manufacturer’s catalogue. Hydrodynamic power transmitting devices: classification, demands, limits, shape of mechanical characteristic, basic parameters relevant for choosing in the catalogue of manufacturer. Examples of electric motor driving systems of typical working machines: adjusting and integration of driving system components, basic demands for control systems.
Auditory lectures, theoretical part of the subject. Auditory, computational and laboratory practice classes. Students extend theoretical knowledge with practical examples in the auditory classes. Driving systems of typical working devices are calculated in the computational classes. The gained theoretical knowledge is applied using the disposable equipment in laboratory classes. Individual consultations.
Šostakov R., Zelić A.Pogonski sistemi (knjiga u pripremi)2018Serbian language
Srb, N.Elektromotori i elektromotorni pogoni2007Graphis, ZagrebCroatian
Kiel, E.Drive Solutions2008Springer, Berlin/HeidelbergEnglish
Weidauer J.Električna pogonska tehnika2013Graphis, ZagrebCroatian
Hagl, R.Elektrische Antriebstechnik2013Fv/Carl Hanser Verlag, Leipzig/MünchenGerman
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Project taskYesYes15.00
Project taskYesYes15.00
Written part of the exam - tasks and theoryNoYes40.00
Oral part of the examNoYes30.00
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Zuber Ninoslav
Full Professor

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Zelić Atila
Assistant Professor

Practical classes
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Zelić Atila
Assistant Professor

Laboratory classes
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Kekić Aleksandar

Laboratory classes organizing - Laboratory personnel