Research area

16.05.2013. - 15:06
In addition to these basic services, the Department for Traffic Engineering carries out research within the framework of its activities in the field of transport, as well as research and development services and studies, as required by economic and non-economic systems and enterprises through the following activities:

• Planning and transport organization;
• Management processes in transportation;
• Transfer and application of research results into practice;
• Engineering, consulting and marketing in the field of transport;
• Designing in the field of traffic regulation and elaboration of technical documentation;
• Traffic security
• Technology and storage capacity;
• Development of expertise in the field of traffic security;
• Organization of postal services.

The associates of the Department for Traffic Engineering have realized a great number of scientific studies and development projects for the transportation industry and non-economic systems in the field of traffic security and control, traffic lines, technology, transport, development of transport, management and logistics of companies and other fields. The Department for Traffic Engineering permanently performs research in the following areas: safety, regulation and control systems, expertise in the field of traffic accidents, public transport of passengers and goods, and research in the field of logistics of companies, postal services.