About Traffic Engineering

16.05.2013. - 15:09
The studies at the Department for Traffic Engineering of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad are divided into three degrees.

First cycle studies - Undergraduate Studies last four years (eight semesters) with obligation of obtaining 240 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), including final paper which is awarded 15 ECTS in EPBS system.
During enrollment, a student is offered a choice of one of the following study programmes:
1.  Traffic Engineering and Transport
2.  Postal Traffic and Telecommunications
After the completion of the fourth year, the title of engineer of academic studies - Bachelor  with honors is obtained.

Second cycle studies - Master Academic Studies, depending on the study programme last for 1 year (at least 60 ECTS credits), 1.5 years (90 ??TS credits) or 2 years (120 ECTS credits), are awarded additional 60 ECTS in EPBS system. Having completed the second degree studies, a student obtains Master  degree in engineering.

Third cycle studies – Doctoral Academic Studies last three years (six semesters) and are the continuation of the Graduate - Master Studies  ( which are worth additional 180 ECTS in EPBS system).
The Traffic Engineering Department consists of three chairs:

• Chair of Traffic Systems,
• Chair of Technology of Transportation Systems
• Chair of Integrated Transport and Logistics.