Subject: Advanced biomedical signal analysis (12 - BMI123)

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Scientific or art field:Telecommunications and Signal Processing
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Course is active from 05.11.2012..

Introduction of advanced biomedical signal processing methods adapted to high demands in practice, considering the limitations of signal processing methods and ways of overcoming them, learning about time-frequency analysis methods and multiresolution analysis with applications to one-dimensional signals
Analysis of correlated processes and specific processing methods; power spectral density estimation; adjustment of processing methods for the analysis of non-stationary signals, types of time-frequency analysis, wavelets transformation, feature selection principles and relevant classification methods in diagnostic decision making
Analysis of coupled and correlated physiological processes, examples of coupled processes and interactions between systems - Signal characterization in the frequency domain: estimation of power spectral density (PSD) (parametric and non-parametric methods, the use of window functions, resolution and spectral leakage), measures that can be derived from the spectral density: relation of power, moments. Illustrative examples of application of the methods in the frequency domain - Specific analysis of non-stationary signal illustration of the examples of non-stationary biomedical signals, the use of time-frekvecnisjkih methods and specific, signal segmentation for further analysis, adaptive filters - Time-frequency methods, Multiresolution analysis, wavelets transform and discrete filter banks, the application of one-dimensional biomedical signals - The application of pattern recognition in the diagnostic decision-making, application examples and unsupervised classification methods, selecting relevant features with respect to the physiological background, the measures of diagnostics accuracy and reliability of the classifier
Lectures, lab excersices
RH Brown, RH Smallwood, DC Barber, PV Lawford, DR HoseMedical Physics and Biomedical engineering1999IOP Institute of Physics PublishingEnglish
AC. Kak, M. SlaneyPrinciples of computerized tomography imaging1999IEEE PressEnglish
Dejan PopovićMedicinska instrumentacija i merenja2014Akademska misaoSerbian language
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Theoretical part of the examNoYes70.00
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