Subject: Bachelor Thesis - Preparation and Defense (17 - MRDR1A)

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Scientific or art field:Električna merenja, metrologija i biomedicina
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Course is active from 01.12.2012..

Application of basic acquired knowledge and methods in solving practical problems within the selected area. Students investigate the problem, its structure and complexity, and based on conducted analysis, they draw conclusions on the possible modes of solving. Researching the literature, students are introduced to the methods for solving similar tasks, and the practice in their solving. Obtaining the knowledge on modes, structure and form of writing a report after the conducted analyses and other activities within the set topic of the final thesis. By elaborating the final thesis, students acquire experience for writing their theses where it is necessary to describe problems, conducted methods and procedures, as well as results obtained. Furthermore, the objective of elaborating and defending the final thesis is to develop the ability to use the results of individual work and prepare it in an adequate form to be publicly presented.
Enabling students for individual application of the previously obtained knowledge in diverse fields being studied in order to observe the structure of the set problem and approach the systematic analysis to draw conclusions on possible directions of its solving. By individually using the literature, students expand their knowledge in the selected field and research diverse methods and theses related to similar problems. By individually researching and solving tasks in the given area, students acquire knowledge on the complexity of the problems in their professional field. By elaborating the graduate thesis, students acquire certain experiences that can be applied in practice while solving problems in their professional field. By preparing the results for public defence, in the public defence and on answering questions and comments presented by the committee, students acquire necessary experience on the manners of practically presenting results of an individual or team work.
Formed for each student in particular, in accordance with the demands and the area enclosed within the set task of the final thesis. The student, in agreement with the mentor, completes the final thesis in the written form in accordance with the regulations of the Faculty of Technical Sciences. The student prepares and defends the written final thesis in public, in agreement with the mentor and in accordance with the prescribed standards. Student researches the professional literature, specialization and final thesis dealing with the same topic, performs analyses in order to find the solution to the concrete task defined in the task of the final thesis.
The mentor of the final thesis sets the task of the final thesis and presents it to the student. Student is obliged to elaborate the final thesis within the set task defined in the task of the graduate thesis. During the elaboration of the final thesis, mentor can provide additional instructions to the student, direct to certain literature and additionally direct in order to have a more qualitative final thesis. Within the theoretical part of the final thesis, student has consultations with the mentor, and if needed, with other teachers dealing with the topics related to the topic of the graduate thesis. Within the set topic, if needed, student can conduct certain measuring, researching, counting, surveying and the like, if it is predicted by the final thesis task. Student completes the final thesis and on obtaining the agreement of the committee for evaluation and defence, provides bounded copies to the committee. The defence of the graduate thesis is public, and the student has the obligation, after the presentation, to orally answer the questions asked and remarks given.
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Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Final exam defenceNoYes50.00
Writing the final paper with theoretic basisNoYes50.00
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