Subject: Bachelor Thesis (14 - IFE240)

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Scientific or art field:Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Course is active from 01.10.2005..

Application of basic theoretical, acquired knowledge and methods for solving concrete problems within the chosen field. A student studies a problem, its structure and complexity and, on the basis of the analysis, makes conclusions about the possible ways of solving it. By studying the relevant literature a student becomes familiar with the methods applied for solving similar tasks and the engineering practice for their solving. Acquiring the knowledge about the techniques, structure and form of writing a report after completing analysis and other activities accomplished within the given topic of the Bachelor thesis. Through a Bachelor thesis students acquires the experience in writing papers which involve the description of the problem, methodology, procedures and the achieved results in a form suitable for public presentation.
The students are able to work independently applying the previously acquired knowledge from various areas in order to understand the structure of the problem faced and its systematic study so that conclusions can be made concerning the possible ways of solving it. Through independent use of the relevant literature the students extend the knowledge of the chosen field and study different methods and works related to the similar topics. Through independent work on solving the tasks in the given topic, the students gain knowledge about the complexity of the problem in their area of study. Working on their Bachelor theisi the students gain experience which they can apply in their future proffesional work in solving professional problems. In the preparation of the results for public presentation, defence and responding to the questions and comments of the committee, the student gains the necessary experience on how to present publicly the results of individual or team work.
It is formed individually in accordance with the needs and the field covered by the Bachelor Thesis topic. The student writes Bachelor Thesis in the written form in agreement with the supervisor and in accordance with the standards of the Faculty of Technical Sciences. The student prepares and defends the Bachelor Thesis publicly in agreement with the supervisor and in accordance with the standards. The student studies professional literature, professional and Bachelor thesis of the students dealing with similar topics, and conducts analysis with an objective to find out the solution to the specific problem defined in the Bachelor Thesis.
Bachelor Thesis supervisor sets the Bachelor Thesis problem and gives it to the student. The student is obliged to write the Bachelor Thesis within the given topic defined by the Bachelor Thesis problem. During writing the Bachelor Thesis, supervisor can give additional instructions to the student, suggest certain literature and additionally guide him with an objective to create a quality Bachelor Thesis. Within the theoretical part of the Bachelor Thesis, the student has consultations with the supervisor, and with other professors dealing with problems in the field of the Bachelor Thesis topic, if needed. Within the given topic, the student executes certain measurements, testing, counting, questionnaires and other research, if necessary. The student writes the Bachelor Thesis and gives the bounded examples to the board after gaining consent from the committee for assessment and defense. Defense of the Bachelor Thesis is public and the student is obliged to orally answer the questions and objections after the presentation.
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Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Final exam defenceNoYes50.00
Writing the final paper with theoretic basisNoYes50.00
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