Subject: Railway Transport Technology (06 - S0323)

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Scientific or art field:Transport System Technologies
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Department of Traffic Engineering
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Course is active from 01.10.2007..

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Course idMandatoryMandatory
Organization of Railway TransportYesNo
To acquire knowledge in the fundamentals of railway system, stable and mobile units, driving equipment and vehicles, work with freight and passenger vehicles, railway station work organization and overall organization of the railway system, as well as the calculations on the railway system capacity.
Ability of analytical relation-making of technical properties of railway transport with the entire transport system. Utilizing knowledge necessary for the organization of transport processes and timetable construction.
Technical system of the railway transport, stable units and mobile equipment. Technology of freight vehicle usage and freight transport organization. Technology of driving vehicle usage. Coordination of engine and wagon pools. Transport plan. Technology of passenger wagon pool usage, passenger transport organization and railway systems for mass passenger transport. Technology of station work. Railway timetable. Railway tracks capacity.
Auditory lectures and practice, laboratory practice (visits to passenger and freight railway stations).
Đorđe M. KopićTEHNOLOGIJA ŽELEZNIČKOG SAOBRAĆAJA2006Fakultet tehničkih nauka u Novom SaduSerbian language
Đorđe Kopić, Ilija TanackovZbirka rešenih zadataka iz tehnologije železničkog saobraćaja,2004Fakultet tehničkih nauka Novi SadSerbian language
Dr Mirko ČičakOrganizacija železničkog saobraćaja1990Saobraćajni fakultet u BeograduSerbian language
Dr Mirko Čičak, Mr Slavko VeskovićOrganizacija železničkog saobraćaja - zbirka rešenih zadataka1999Saobraćajni fakultet, BeogradSerbian language
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Exercise attendanceYesYes5.00
Lecture attendanceYesYes5.00
Term paperYesYes20.00
Oral part of the examNoYes30.00
Practical part of the exam - tasksNoYes40.00
Name and surnameForm of classes
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Tanackov Ilija
Full Professor

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Garunović Nemanja
Assistant with PhD

Practical classes
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Đelošević Mirko
Assistant Professor

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