General information

Type of studies
Undergraduate Academic Studies

Academic degree
Bachelor with Honours in Architecture (B.Arch.)

Educational field
Technical-Technological Science

Scientific, professional or art field

Duration (year/sem)
4 / 8

Total ECTS

 Management staff for the study programme
First name and Last name
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Krklješ Milena
Associate Professor

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Year: 1, Semester: Winter

Descriptive Geometry 122004
Structures, Materials and Building30014
Elements and Assembly Units 133006
Architecture Analysis, Functions and Typology 122015
Introduction to Architectural Design 113015

Year: 1, Semester: Summer

Descriptive Geometry 222004
Element and Assembly Units 231026
Architecture Analysis, Functions and Typology 222015
Sociology and Economy of the Built Enviroment40004
Introduction to History of Architecture20002
Introduction to Architectural Design 212013
Elective Course 112206

Year: 2, Semester: Winter

Urban, Rural Analysis and Morphology 123005
Architectural technology 122004
Housing 123016
Architecture and Medieval Town20003
Elective Course 210204
Elective Course 300004

Year: 2, Semester: Summer

Architectural technology 232015
Architectural Physics20114
Architecture and the New Age City20002
Material Resistance22015
Urban/Rural Analysis and Morphology 222015
Housing 224006
History of Art and Culture 120003

Year: 3, Semester: Winter

Theory of structures and structural systems42026
Urban Design 113015
Architectural Design 114005
History of Art and Culture 220002
Ecology and the Built Environment20013
Interior Design 113005
Elective Course 400004

Year: 3, Semester: Summer

Development of Regional Architecture20003
Bearing structures 122004
Architectural Design 222025
Urban Design 223015
Contemporary theories and technologies applied to architecture, urbanism and design23016
English Language - Elementary00002
Elective Course 500005

Year: 4, Semester: Winter

Contemporary Architecture40004
Urban Design 313015
Bearing structures 211002
Architectural Design 314015
Architectural Heritage, Preservation and Protection 122004
Professional Practice - Bachelor00033
English Language - Intermediate20002
Elective Course 600005

Year: 4, Semester: Summer

Architectural Heritage, Preservation and Protection 222014
Project and Construction Management 111002
Synthesis project 23015
Interior Design 212003
Elective Course 721004
Elective Course 812015
Bachelor Thesis00047