Subject: Specialised work - Study Research Work (17 - IMS01)

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Scientific or art field:Proizvodni i uslužni sistemi, organizacija i menadžment
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Course is active from 01.10.2011..

The main goal is to prepare student for the writing of specialist thesis. Mentor helps student to prepare to solve concrete problem within the selected area through the mastering of necessary methods and application of basic, scientific-professional and professional applied knowledge acquired during the studies. During that process student learns wider context of the problem, its structure and complexity. Available literature helps student to get familiar with existing approaches in solving similar tasks and good practice. On the basis of the comparative analysis of available solutions student prepares a proposal of its own approach to solving a concrete more complex problem. The goal of students activities in this part of research is reflected in the acquiring of the necessary experience through the solving of complex problems and tasks, and recognizing the ability to apply knowledge that is previously acquired in practice.
Student of specialist studies should improve previously acquired engineering knowledge with those knowledge and skills which allows him to solve the most complex problems. In addition to the knowledge and skills gained during bachelor studies, students are also trained in research work. They acquire necessary knowledge from the narrow scientific field, methods of scientific research and skills(oral presentations, communications in a group, etc.). Because of the creative approach in the interpretation of others knowledge and experiences they can also make a scientific contribution. It enables them better position on the market of workforce and acquired competences enable them employment in research and development centers and institutes, as well as in companies that are committed to internal improvement and are opened to the new approaches and solutions in the field of organization and management.
It is formed individually in accordance with the needs of preparing concrete specialist thesis, its complexity and structure. Student studies literature, performs analyzes in order to find a solution of the specific task that is defined for specialist thesis. One part of the course is realized through the independent study research. Study reasearch includes active monitoring of primary knowledge related to topic of the thesis, organization and performance of experiments, numerical simulations and statistical data processing, writing and - or presentation thesis at the conference that is related to the scientific field of the specialist tesis.
The mentor of specialist thesis prepares the task and gives it to the student. The student is obliged to prepare thesis within the topic definied by the task of specialist thesis, using the literature suggested by mentor. During preparing of specialist thesis mentor can give additional instructions to the student, suggest specific literature and additionally direct student in order to produce more qualitative specialist thesis. Within the study research student consults his mentor and if necessary other teachers dealing with issues related to the topic thesis. Within the given topic student performs certain measurements, tests, counts, surveys and other research, statistical data processing if this is defined by the task of specialist thesis.
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Oral part of the examNoYes50.00
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