Department structure

07.04.2014. - 14:19
Department structure

The Department consists of 6 chairs:
• Chair of Power Engineering
• Chair of Power Electronics and Converters
• Chair of Electronics
• Chair of Telecommunications and Signal Processing
• Chair of Electrical Measurement
• Chair of Theoretical Electrical Engineering

For internationally successful centers are also founded within the Department:
• Center for Integrated Microsystems and Components
• Regional Center for Biosensing Technologies (Biosense)
• Center for Metrology
• Center for Renewable Sources and Quality of Electrical Energy.

The Department employs:
• 56 professors
• 33 teaching/ research assistants
• 12 laboratory assistants
• 71 professional assistants

Scientific research

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, the Provincial Secretariat for Science and Technological Development and through the international projects financed by the EU, the Department has equipped its laboratories with the latest research equipment which is used for educational purposes as well as for research experiments.

The results of the research work are published in renowned international journals and presented at international and national conferences. In the last 5 years the members of the Department have published over 115 papers in the most eminent international journals (with impact factor).

The Department is the organizer of numerous symposia and conferences such as the conference Power Electronics – Ee, TREND, Digital Speech and Image Processing DOGS and Electrical Engineering in Medicine.

Accredited laboratories

Laboratory for Metrology, accredited by Accreditation body of Serbia, for calibration of instruments for measuring electrical quantities (DC and LF) and temperature as well as Laboratory for Electromagnetic Compatibility, also accredited by the Accreditation body of Serbia.

Regional Development

The Department for Power, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering is the leading developmental and research institution for promoting entrepreneurship, technology transfer and regional development. Members of the Department faculty are the founders of over ten companies including: Schneider Electric DMS NS, AlfaNum, Zesium, Novilog, and Tajfun. Schneider Electric DMS NS, with its 950 employees (over 250 of them young engineers) and the export of software and technology on all continents, is particularly worth mentioning. Ten years ago the Department initiated the promotion of entrepreneurship which developed into a national competition for the Best Technology Innovation.