Subject: Embedded system software development (17 - EM306)

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Scientific or art field:Electronics
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Course is active from 21.08.2017..

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Course idMandatoryMandatory
Basics of microprocessor and microcontroller systemsYesYes
The aim of this subject is to teach students to design software and firmware for embedded microcomputer systems based on given specification using high level programming language.
After successful completion of this course, student will be able to design embedded software and firmware for embedded microcomputer systems based on the given specification using advanced features of high level programming language.
Microcontroller and embedded system software and firmware. C files organization, structure and types. Introduction to microcontrollers used on Arduino platforms and others (e.g. derivatives from 8051 etc.). Input/output ports of microcontroller. Using peripherals. Memory model and preprocessor. Microcontroller timers and interrupts. Structures, unions, memory mapping. Working with loops and conditional execution. Various serial communication protocols. Logic operations. Working with matrix keyboard and debouncing. Super loop and FIFO buffers. Software state machines. Cooperative real time operating systems. Preemptive real time operating systems.
Lectures; Labs; Consultations.
Han-Way HuangEmbedded System Design with C80512009Cengage LearningEnglish
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Laboratory exercise defenceYesYes60.00
Theoretical part of the examNoYes40.00
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