Subject: Sociology of Art and Culture (12 - ASO311)

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Course is active from 01.10.2013..

Sociology of Art and Culture explores sociological perspective of art and popular culture. Sociology of Art and Culture tends to offer a rich and stimulant perspective of art by including numerous art fields such as painting, movie, architecture, photography, and literature. It is intended to explore the nature of art in the society by following processes of creation, distribution and perception of the piece of art by the audience and public. Theoretical analysis of art means understanding historical and contemporary architecture, photography, painting, theatre, movie, but also represents an attempt to show how pieces of art are not only the product of artist’s work alone, but that they carry imprints and current social processes (global and local) occurring either within the artist himself, between the audience and the art piece, or between the artist’s economical and cultural surrounding. Besides reality, sociological analysis of art and culture does not omit the impact of historical
This course tends to offer students one new perspective on art and to enable students to better understand set design from the perspective of audience, production and reproduction of the art piece in order to make it easier to understand the creative process of art creation and the impact of society on that process.
Art and society: what is art, sociology of art: new perspective, art as the reflection of society, art as the shaper of the society, cultural identity and art, reflection of popular culture. Art as an ideology, censorship in the arts, cultural politics and architecture, universality of art pieces and art... Production and consumption of art, reproduction of art and loss of art, culture and art industry, art, internet and new media, virtual art and culture. Audience, performance and theory of performance, social dramaturgy, conceptual art, Pop Art: revolution art, Eco-art: art as an answer to the ecological crisis, fashion: whim of the consumer society, spectacle, photography as a proof and fragment of reality.
Lectures, Colloquium, Final Examination
Inglisand, D and J. HughsonThe Sociology of Art2005Hampshire: Palgrave MacmillanEnglish
Taner, J.Sociology of Art: A Reader2003London: RoutledgeEnglish
Harrington, A.Art and Social Theory: Sociological Arguments in Aestetics2004London: Polity Press.English
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