Subject: Master Thesis (06 - M4MR)

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Scientific or art field:Mechanics
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Chair of Technical Mechanics
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Course is active from 01.10.2005..

Master thesis objectives refer to very detailed and overall research in certain scientific discipline. Simultaneously, one of the objectives is to employ contemporary methodology in research and data analyses, as well as to adequately present results in the form of scientific writing. In addition, Master thesis objective is to educate students for challenges of contemporary regional development of European space.
An outcome of Master thesis is presented in obtaining an original scientific paper whose results should provide certain contribution in later more detailed and serious research in the set scientific discipline, that is, regional policies and development. It is also to enable graduate Master student for the role of an analyst and evaluator of regional development strategies and policies in Europe, as well as adequate preparation for the work in educational and scientific institutions.
Master thesis presents a student`s research paper in which they are introduced to research methodology in the field of regional and inter-regional cooperation and development. The student has the obligation, on performing field experimental research, to write a final paper in the form containing the following chapters: Introduction, Theoretical part, Experimental part, Results and discussion, Conclusions and Literature. Topics and contents of final-Master papers that would be elaborated and defended within the study programme Regional Policies and Development, could include more scientific fields and disciplines:
The method for elaborating Master thesis should include the preparation phase (title definition, content, methodology determination, primary sources), followed by research and field work (field research, data acquisition and database formation, etc. and the like) and the final phase – classroom work (obtained data analysis and definition, writing Master thesis text body and final tutorials with the supervisor). It is compulsory to defend the Master thesis in front of the officially appointed committee.
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