Subject: Theoretical Discourse in Architecture – Selected Chapters (06 - A006)

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Scientific or art field:Architecture
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Course is active from 01.10.2013..

Acquiring knowledge in the area of theory of architecture.
Application of acquired knowledge in further scientific and research work.
3. Course content/structure: Elements of theoretical discourse. Terminology, modes of application, interpretation and meaning. Levels of perception: from universal philosophical idea to theoretical principle in architecture. Poetics of creation in architecture and art. Systematic study of theories, theorists and theoretic principles through the history of architecture until today (chronological, national, linguistic). The relation between architecture and other arts through common creative principles. Development, continuity and discontinuity of individual theoretical hypothesis. Literary and non-literary means for understanding architecture and art. Comparative analysis of interpreting theoretical texts in the time of their origin and with the historical distance. Redefining ideas according to certain theoretical hypothesis utilizing new linguistic, semantic and semiotic interpretations of those texts and new knowledge on historical, social and cultural context. Relationship between architectural presentations and value systems articulated in theoretical and literary texts. Interactivity and transformation of architectural experience and interpretations. Defining architectural thinking. Human body as a conceptual strength for many architectural ideas (realized or unrealized on the level of theoretical hypothesis).
Lectures, seminar paper, tutorials.
Marc Auge.The Non-Places, Verso, London, 2011.2011Verso, London.English
Philippe Daverio. Museo Imaginario.2011Skira, Roma..Italian
Robert Harbison.Bult, Unbuilt and the Unbuiltable.1991Thames and Hudson, London.English
Luis Mumford,Povjest utopija2010Jesenski i Turk, ZagrebCroatian
Ibid.The Eccentric Spaces.1977Knopf.English
Simon Schama.Landscape and Memory, OUP, Oxford 2004.2004OUP, Oxford 2004.English
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Term paperYesYes20.00
Oral part of the examNoYes30.00
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Dinulović Radivoje
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Pisani Mario
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Todorović Jelena
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