Subject: PhD project in arts - production and graduation (12 - SDD5)

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Course is active from 01.10.2013..

Development and improvement of the wide knowledge in the field of Scene Design based on analysis of literature – books, critical and theoretical texts, articles in different magazines and media, art works and manifestations, papers from the scientific and professional conferences, meetings and symposia, documentation on the Internet and all other available and approachable sources. The main goal of the course is to define the relevant and potential topic of the PhD project in arts, as well as establishment of the creative discourse related to the chosen topic.
Public performance (or exhibition etc) of the complex individual art work in the field of Scene Design, as well as public presentation and explanation in front of the examining board.
Production and public performance (or exhibition etc) of the PhD art work in front of the examining board. PhD project in arts is a complex, individually defined and produced work of art, performed or exhibited in public, as well as textual explanation of the art work. Art work, as a central and basic element of PhD project, needs to be complex, performed or exhibited in public (in the theatre, concert hall, gallery, museum, environmental space etc) as a mono or multi media work in the field of Scene Design (theatre performance, artistic event, installation, action or performance, site-specific project, exhibition etc). Textual explanation needs to be supported by all necessary graphic and media documents (photos, artistic and technical drawings, sketches, video and audio recordings etc), as well as lists of references regarding literature, web and other sources, and CV of the candidate. Textual explanation by content and form needs to be adequate to the Master of Science Thesis in theory or history of art.
Individual research under the mentorship.
grupa autoraLiteratura i izvori definisani u prijavi teme doktorskog umetničkog projekta.sve Serbian/English language
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
PhD thesis defenceNoYes30.00
Writing the PhD thesisNoYes70.00
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