General information

Type of studies
Undergraduate Academic Studies

Academic degree
Bachelor with Honours in Scenic Architecture, Technique and Design (B.Sc.Arch.Tech.Des.)

Educational field

Scientific, professional or art field
Scenic Architecture, Technique and Design: Technical Sciences; Art

Duration (year/sem)
4 / 8

Total ECTS

 Management staff for the study programme
First name and Last name
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Milićević Slađana
Assistant Professor

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Year: 1, Semester: Winter

Introduction to Scene Architecture, Technique and Design34018
Introduction ?o Studies ?f Architecture & Visual Arts22015
Introduction to Studies of Architecture & Visual Arts22015
Introduction to engineering21205
Descriptive Geometry with Perspective 122004
Drawing in scene design 111013

Year: 1, Semester: Summer

Introduction to Study of Scene Architecture32016
Introduction to Study of Scene Techniques and Technology32016
Descriptive Geometry with Perspective 222004
Drawing in scene design 222004
Photography in Scene Design12014

Year: 2, Semester: Winter

Scene Architecture 133006
Scene Technique 133006
Scenography 123016
Structural Systems in Scene Design20024
Scale Modeling in Scene Design11023
Elective Course 111025

Year: 2, Semester: Summer

Scene Architecture 233006
Scene Technique 223016
Scenography 223016
Structures, Materials and Technologies in Scene Design20024
Presentation Techniques in Scene Design20023
Elective Course 202205

Year: 3, Semester: Winter

Scene Architecture 333027
Scene Technique 333027
Scenography 333027
Sociology of Art and Culture20003
Elective Course 302203
Elective Course 420003

Year: 3, Semester: Summer

Scene Architecture 433006
Scene Technique 433006
Scenography 433006
Artistic practices of scene design23016
Elective Course 520003
Elective Course 620003

Year: 4, Semester: Winter

Contemporary Architecture20204
Contemporary scene art20204
Contemporary Visual Art20114
Foreign Language 120002
Elective Course 733208
Elective Course 820004

Year: 4, Semester: Summer

Phenomenology of Scene Design33017
Project Management in Scene Design, Architecture and Technology23017
Foreign Language 220002
Elective Course 930008
Professional practice00063
Bachelor Thesis00077