Subject: Laboratory for electrical measurements (17 - EOS110)

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Scientific or art field:Električna merenja, metrologija i biomedicina
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Course is active from 01.01.2007..

Acquiring knowledge in the field of measurement of electrical power systems. Introduction to the work of analog and digital measuring instruments. Introduction to the measurement methods for measurement of voltage, current, power, phase, and frequency in power systems. Gaining knowledge about the work in the laboratory and the realization of the measurement. Gaining basic knowledge of transducers and conditioners. Student mastery of modern technologies and trends in the field of electrical measurement. Mastering the students to the realization of measurements on renewable energy.
Knowledge of analog and digital measuring instruments in the realization of electrical measurements. Training for practical work in the laboratory and training for work with modern measurement techniques. The ability to use different measurement methods in order to realize precise electrical measurements. Ability to realize sophisticated measuring systems using LabVIEW software package. Transducers and conditioners in measurements. Training for the practical realization of measurements on renewable energy. Measuring of power quality.
Introduction to metrology and measurement systems implementation. International SI system of measurement units. Analog and digital measuring instruments, ampermeters, voltmeters, universal instruments, wattmeters. Static characteristics of measuring instruments. Measurement error, the absolute and relative error. The accuracy and precision of measurement, processing of the measurement results, the graphical representation of the measurement results. Instruments with moving coil, the extension of the measuring range of the instrument with a moving coil, dc ampermeter, dc voltmeter. Instruments with moving iron. Measurement of unknown resistance, capacitance and inductance. Electricity meters. Electronic measuring instruments, counters, timers, frequency meter, measuring of period, measurement of phase difference. Oscilloscopes. Wheatstone bridge. Transducers and conditioners, current and voltage measuring transformers, Hall probe, method of converting voltage to frequency. AD and DA converters. Measurement of non-electrical quantities, sensors and transducers. Characteristics of virtual instruments. Connectivity and control of instruments. Distributed virtual instrumentation. Realization of remote measurements. Virtual labs. LabVIEW software package. Creating of virtual instruments. Categories of measurement signals. Discretization of the measuring signal. PC-based measuring equipment and signal acquisition. Measurement and analysis of signals using LabVIEW software package. Measurement of power quality. Realization of remote measurements via the Internet using the TCP / IP protocol.
Lectures, laboratory exercises, consultation.
Tomić, J., Milovanović, M.Virtualna instrumentacija primenom LabVIEW programa2012Fakultet tehničkih nauka, Novi SadSerbian language
B. DimitrijevićElektrična merenja1990Naučna knjiga, BeogradSerbian language
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Laboratory exercise defenceYesYes70.00
Practical part of the exam - tasksNoYes30.00
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Tomić Josif
Full Professor

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Bratić Sara
Teaching Associate

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