Subject: Architecture of XXI century (17 - A329)

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Scientific or art field:Architectural-Urbanistic Planning, Design and Theory
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Course is active from 20.12.2018..

Analysis of architectural trends of the XXI century. The relation between technology, theory and architectural paradigms. The relation between art and architecture. The relationship between science and architecture. Architecture between art and technology.
The outcome of the course is based on recognizing the conditions of architectural practice in the local and global environment and developing critical awareness according to the contemporary architectural moment.
The theme calls for a discussion of the potential of architects as the bearer of change in today's complex world. The basic question is: "Can architects contribute to society in new ways?". The basis of architectural profession as an integral element of various, seemingly antagonistic goals as a whole. Artistic aspects of architecture in the era of rapid technological change. Coordination, integration and harmony.
Lectures, project, oral exam.
Bodrijar, ŽanSimulakrumi i simulacija1981SvetoviSerbian language
Čomski, Noam; Fuko, MišelO ljudskoj prirodi-pravda protiv moći2017DeretaSerbian language
Bojanić, Petar; Đokić VladanMisliti grad2011Arhitektonski fakultet u BeograduSerbian language
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Oral part of the examNoYes50.00
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Atanacković-Jeličić Jelena
Full Professor

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Medić Saša
Assistant Professor