Subject: Web programming (12 - SE239A)

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Course is active from 30.09.2005..

Students learn to solve problems in the field of Web programming, which covers knowledge of HTTP protocols, Server and JSP technology as well As organization and architecture of web applications.
The acquired knowledge forms the basis for the future engineering courses.
Fundamentals of HTML. Fundamentals of JAVA programming language. Input/output subsystem. Concurrent programming. Network programming. Client – server architecture. HTTP protocol fundamentals. Fundamentals of servlet technology. Session management. POST method and file upload. JSP basics. JSP expressions. JSP scriptlets. JSP declarations. JSP directives. JavaBeans. Component visibility.
Lectures. Computer practice. Consultations. Theoretical part of the course if examined orally. Practical part of the examination is taken in the computer laboratory.
B. Milosavljević, M. VidakovićJava i Internet programiranje2002Grupa za informacione tehnologije, Novi SadSerbian language
B. EckelMisliti na Javi2002Mikro knjiga, BeogradSerbian language
C. Horstmann, G. CornellCore Java 2V2005Sun Microsystems Press, Santa ClaraEnglish
Danilo ObradovićOsnovi računarstva2003StylosSerbian language
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Term paperYesYes20.00
Oral part of the examNoYes50.00
Name and surnameForm of classes
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Vidaković Milan
Full Professor

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Gostojić Stevan
Associate Professor

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Penca Valentin
Assistant Professor

Computational classes
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Molnar Robert

Computational classes
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Luburić Nikola
Assistant - Master

Computational classes