Subject: Information technologies in energetic management (12 - ZC014)

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Course is active from 05.10.2012..

Acquiring of fundamental knowledge in the field of applying of information technology means in energetic management. Introducing of students with modern software solutions purposed for mentioned field and representing of need skills for their application in energetic systems.
Listeners of the subject are preparing for fully understanding of importance and basic principles of information technologies applying in energetic management, for their competent participation in development processes for new, and selection processes for existent software solutions purposed to energetic systems management and their competent applications in engineering.
Introduction. Contemporary information technologies and energetic management. Information systems dedicated to energetic systems management. Dedicated software tools, architectures and functions. Automation of energy requirements planning. Data structures about energy spending and energy expenditures. Integration of energy flows data and total energetic score. Computer aided monitoring and control of energetic sources in a system ( functionality, capability, reliability, sustainability ). Procedures and methods of monitoring and control in transfer and distribution of energy ( key parameters, selection of measurement methods, waste analysis, reliability analysis ). Monitoring and control of customers of energy resources ( selection of key parameters, measurement principles, customer following in time, correctness analysis, data interpretation ). Modeling of elements for system adjustment. Management decision making. Executing of managerial decisions.
Teaching lectures are frontal type and it is recommended applying of modern didactic means. Teaching exercises are perform in specialized lab with correspondent hardware platform and software products for mentioned purposes.
Lamb, J. P.The Greening of IT: How Com-panies Can Make a Difference for the Environment2009Elsevier Book CompanyEnglish
Finon, D., Midttun, A.Reshaping European Gas and Electrical Industry2005Elsevier Book CompanyEnglish
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