Research Fields

16.05.2013. - 11:51
The basic research fields studied by teachers and assistants of the Department are mechanics of rigid bodies and mechanics of deformable bodies. Within these, relatively wide areas, some specializations are performed, thus the areas studied today are:

• Nonlinear oscillations,
• Stability of elastic bodies,
• Optimization of elastic bodies,
• High elasticity,
• Body collisions,
• Variation principles,
• Heat transmission,
• Biomechanics.

Important Results

The most significant indicators of the teachers’ quality at the Department are the recognitions they have received, such as a remarkable number of scientific papers published in foreign journals, as well as a high quotation index. Besides, three of our teachers are the members of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts. However, to present the actual results of this Department, titles of books published abroad are quoted (sorted by their publication year):Vujanovic ?. D. ?nd ??nes S. ?.: Variational methods in non-conservartive phenomena, Academic Press, Boston, 1989.
• Vujanovic ?. D. ?nd ??nes S. ?.: Variation methods in non-conservative phenomena, Academic Press, Boston, 1989.
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• ??????????? ?. ? ????? ?. ?????? ?? ?????? ?????????. ????????????? ??????????????? ???????????. ????? ????????? 2003.
• Vujanovic ?. D. and Atanackovic T. M. An Introduction to Mod-ern Variational Methods in Mechanics and Engineering. Birkhauser, Boston, 2004.

Current Research

Currently, two projects financed by the Ministry of Science and Environmental Engineering of the Republic of Serbia are being realized at the Department. Within these projects, problems of oscillating, variation principles, conservation laws, stick stability, behavior of elastic and high elastic bodies in collisions, slab oscillation, mathematical modeling of mechanical properties of human teeth, blood studies etc. have been investigated.