Subject: Deformation Measurements and Analysis (17 - GI516)

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Scientific or art field:Geodezija
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Department of Civil Engineering
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Course is active from 01.10.2007..

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Introduction to Deformation Measurement and AnalysisYesNo
To acquire applied and advanced more specialized knowledge in the field of Geodesy and Deformation Measurement and Analysis, relating to theories, principles and processes, including critical understanding and application in the field of work. Acquiring advanced knowledge in the field of designing and realisation deformation measurement and data processing.
It solves complex problems in the field of Deformatiion Measurement and Analysis in an innovative way. It applies complex methods and instruments relevant to the development in the field of Deformatiion Measurement and Analysis.
Lecture content: • Gaus-Markov model (basic hypotheses, parameter estimation, global model test). • Geodetic datum and invariant functions (zero-variance calculation base, minimum track, partial minimum track). • Datum transformations in deformation analysis. • General linear hypotheses (test statistics, level of significance, test power, linear hypothesis in the Gaus-Markov model). • Identification of outliers. • Models of defomination analysis (models of congruence, kinematic models, static models, dynamic models). • An analysis of the displacement between the two measuring epochs on a practical example of an engineering object. • An analysis of the displacement of multi-epoch analysis. • Application of commercial and open source software in the deformation analysis of engineering objects. • Content of exercises: Practical application, in lectures, presented concepts. Realization of field data collection on the micro-geodetic network of the engineering facility. Preparation of geodetic monitoring by using commercial and ope-source softwares in the field of deformation analysis.
Lectures. Exercises. Prerequisites: 50% of points should be provided through project, during the teaching process. Examination: final examination – oral form 50%.
Caspary, W. FConcept of network and deformation analiysis2000The university of New South Wales, Kensigton, Sydney, AustraliaEnglish
grupa autoraAnaliza i interpretacja wynikow geodezyjnych pomiarow deformacji1987Polanica ZdrojSlovak
G. MilevSvremenni geodezičeski metodi za izsledvane na deformacii1978Tehnika, SofiaSerbian language
Angela C. RauhutIntegrated Deformation Analysis of the Olympic Oval, Calgary1987The University of CalgaryEnglish
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Final exam defenceNoYes50.00
Project defenceYesYes20.00
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Sušić Zoran
Associate Professor

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Batilović Mehmed
Assistant Professor

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