Subject: Algorithms and Data Structures (17 - SE0008)

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Scientific or art field:Applied Computer Science and Informatics
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Course is active from 29.10.2012..

Introduce students to concepts of in-memory data structures and their use in program development.
Upon successful course completion, student is familiar with abstract data types and capable of handling linear data structures - arrays, sets, maps, lists, stacks, queues; Student is also familiar with basic concepts of program efficiency analysis; Student is capable of using search and sort methods on data structures; Student understands the concept of recursiond and its use in program development; Student understands and use hash tables as well as tree structures.
Abstract data types: concept of abstract data type; new type definition. Arrays: concept of an array, operations on arrays, efficency analysis for operations on arrays, matrix, operations on matrices. Sets and maps: concept od data set, set impelementation, concept of map, map implementation, multidimensional arrays and operations on them. Algorvišedimenzionalni nizovi i operacije nad njima. Algorithm analysis: O notation, Pzthon list analysis. Searching and sorting: lienar and binary search, sorting alhorithms, operations on sorted arrays.List, stack and queue: linked lists, use of linked lists, operations on linked lists; double linked lists; stack - concept and operations; queue - concept and operation. Stack and Queue implementation; Multiple-linked lists. Recursion - concept and features. recursion implementation and usage. Hash tables: hash functions, hash tables - concept and operations, hash usage. Trees: binary trees - concept and operation; N-Trees; Search trees.
Lectures, Computer exercises; Consultations. The exam is oral. Assessment and final marks are based on the success of the laboratory exercises and an oral exam.
R.D. NecaiseData Structures and Algorithms Using Python2010WileyEnglish
Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, Clifford SteinIntroduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition2009MIT PressEnglish
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Project defenceYesYes50.00
Theoretical part of the examNoYes50.00
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Milosavljević Branko
Full Professor

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Nikolić Siniša
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Dragaš Bojana
Assistant - Master

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Mihić Relja
Teaching Associate

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