Subject: XML and WEB Services (06 - E2E40)

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Scientific or art field:Applied Computer Science and Informatics
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Course is active from 01.10.2004..

Precondition courses

Course idMandatoryMandatory
Internet NetworksYesNo
Students are taught about tasks of processing HML documents and design and construction of web service components.
Students will be familiar with XML technology and standards for developing web services. Students are competent to design systems based on XML documents and design web service components in accordance with the present standards.
XML language: overview, syntax, structure of documents. Standards for specifying document structure and their processing. Transformation and visualization of documents. Document interconnections. Document search. XML databases. Web services: overview of concepts, available implementation technologies. Standards of web service components. Integration of information systems using web service components: coordination protocols, service composition. Standards and applications of web services in e-business systems.
Lectures. Computer practice. Consultations. The examination is oral. The final grade is based on the success in the laboratory practice and oral part of the examination.
V. Geroimenko Dictionary of XML Technologies and the Semantic Web 2004 Springer-Verlag, Berlin English
G. Alonso, F. Casati, H. Kuno, V. Machiraju Web Services: Concepts, Architectures and Applications 2004 Springer-Verlag, Berlin English
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Oral part of the examNoYes50.00
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Milosavljević Branko
Full Professor

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Gostojić Stevan
Associate Professor

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Slivka Jelena
Assistant Professor

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Simić Miloš
Assistant - Master

Computational classes
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Kaplar Aleksandar
Assistant - Master

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