Program of Economic Support

16.05.2013. - 11:33
The Department for Mechanization and Design Engineering has completed more than 400 projects, carried out in the direct cooperation with different companies in the economy.

The fields of cooperation between the Department and the
economy are:
• Design, construction and technical supervision of machines, vehicles, devices and equipment, metal constructions, technological lines, etc.
• Testing the quality and conducting preventive periodical maintenance of machines and equipment, from the health and safety aspect
• Conducting expert and forensic work and providing consulting services
• Attesting vehicles as licensed by the authorities, testing vehicles for the transport of dangerous materials and attesting the installation of LPG vehicle devices
• Supervision of a traffic control system in a meteorological laboratory accredited by the Accreditation Council of Serbia
• Expert training, courses and seminars The Department organizes and financially participates in the realization of different types of professional field trips for the students of the Department during the course of studies:
• short field trips (up to 100km from Novi Sad), as a part of mastering the knowledge taught in certain courses;
• medium field trips (on the teritory of the Republic of Serbia), with the objective to get students introduced to the important companies in the field of machine-engineering;
• longer trips to Germany (for the students of Graduate academic studies), with an objective to get students introduced to the relevant European companies in the field of the Department activities (BMW, LIEBHER, SIEMENS, large depots and some of the larger harbours on the Danube), the result of which is to enable students to complete the professional practice and write the Master Thesis in one of those companies.