Subject: Bachelor with honours Thesis IM (12 - IM1105)

Basic Information

Scientific or art field:Production Systems, Organization and Management
Course specification

Course is active from 01.10.2005..

Use of basic, acquired knowledge and methods to solve specific problems within the chosen field. The student studies the problem, its structure and complexity on the basis of conducted analysis, draws conclusions about the possible ways of solving it. While studying literature student becomes familiar with the methods of solving similar tasks and practical issues. Acquiring knowledge about the mode structure and form of writing records after the analyzes and other activities carried out within the given topic of the final paper. While writing the final paper, students gain experience in writing papers in which it is necessary to describe the problem, and implement methods and procedures. In addition, the goal of defending final work is to develop students’ ability to produce results independently, prepare in a suitable form for public presentation, and respond to comments and questions about a given topic.
Training students to independently apply previously acquired knowledge in different areas that were previously studied, in order to review the structure of a given problem and its systematic analysis in order to draw conclusions on possible directions of its resolution. Through the use of its own literature, students expand their knowledge about the chosen field of study and different methods and papers relating to similar issues. Independent studying and solving tasks in a given topic, students gain knowledge about the complexity and the complexity of the problems of their profession. While writing final thesis student gets some experience that can be applied in practice when solving the problems of his profession. By preparing the results for the public defense, public defense and responses to questions and complaints of the committee student acquires necessary experience about the way of presenting results of individual or collective work in practice.
Formed separately in accordance with the needs of the area covered by the given topic of the final paper. During consultations with the supervisor student makes the final work in writing in accordance with standards of the Faculty of Technical Sciences. Students prepare and defend written final work publicly, in agreement with the supervisor and in accordance with standards. Student studies professional literature, professional and bachelor papers that deal with similar themes, carries out the analysis in order to find solutions of specific task that was defined by the topic of the final paper.
Mentor of final thesis prepares the topic and submits it to the student. The student is required to complete the thesis within a given task that has defined its topic. While writing the thesis, mentor provides students with guidance, refer to certain references and further direct him towards the production of quality bachelor thesis. While writing the theoretical part of the thesis student consults the supervisor, if necessary, with other teachers that deal with the topic in the field of study of the final paper. Within a given topic, the student carries out measurements, tests, calculations, surveys and other research work, if so provided by the task of the final paper. Student completes final paper and after getting approval from the Committee for Assessment, submittes bound copies to the Committee. Final thesis defense is public, and the student is required to present the topic and answer the questions and comments.
-Udžbenici, monografije, aktuelni časopisi i odbranjeni završni radovi iz oblasti rada-
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Final exam defenceNoYes50.00
Writing the final paper with theoretic basisNoYes50.00
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