Subject: English 1 (12 - BMI80)

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Course is active from 24.10.2012..

Improvement and development of four main language skills through the expansion of vocabulary and acquisition of more complex sentence structures related to biomedical engineering. Systematization of previously acquired knowledge of English grammar and its application towards understanding original texts related to the field of biomedical engineering. The development of oral and written communication skills related to the stated topics using appropriate vocabulary and more complex sentence structures. Appropriate application of English language knowledge and its comprehension in accordance with given context.
Students are able to correctly use the most important terms and sentence structures appropriate to the language of their future profession; communicate in writing and orally, and express their opinion and reflection. They are able to understand simple vocational texts as well as develop oral and written communication skills with the use of appropriate vocabulary and more complex sentence structures.
Systematization of the use of plural nouns of Latin and Greek origin, word formation, proper use of prefixes and suffixes, time and place reference, use of adjectives and adverbs, learning and acquiring sentence structures distinctive to the language of science and biomedical engineering, expressing cause and effect, construction of complex nouns, expressing quantities, use of tenses, active and passive voice, etc. Expanding acquired professional vocabulary. Coping with vocational texts in English; correct use of the language depending on the situation and context.
Communicative approach is applied in English language teaching since the objectives and activities are aimed at communicating the language of profession which is complex. This method evenly develops written and oral skills. Students learn from the texts related to their experience and knowledge gained in other teaching subjects. New occupational vocabulary using oral and written exercises is introduced and practiced as well. Related grammatical constructions are taught and practiced. Students are encouraged to speak as much English through organized work in pairs, groups, joint discussion or functional use of language in a given situation which is simulated through situational dialogue.
Sarah PhipotHeadway Academic Skills 2010OUPEnglish
Šafranj, J.Engleski jezik za biomedicinsko inženjerstvo2014skripta, FTNSerbian/English language
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Written part of the exam - tasks and theoryNoYes40.00
Oral part of the examNoYes30.00
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Gak Dragana
Senior Foreign Language Lecturer