Subject: Software Construction and Testing (12 - SE0024)

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Course is active from 19.11.2012..

Students learn how to apply recommended practices, methods, techniques and tools in the area of software design and testing.
Knowledge of the principles, techniques and tools for software construction and testing. Students are competent to perform planning and design of software. They are able to perform the automation of the testing process, to test the entire software or selected units. They will be able to perform the analysis and selection of tools for testing, to create test cases and to implement effective software testing.
Theoretical Studies: Software construction. Minimizing construction complexity. Anticipation of changes. Constructing for verification. Managing construction. Construction models. Construction planning process. Construction measurement. Practical considerations. Construction design. Construction languages used in the software construction process. Choosing implementation platforms and languages. Reuse of software units. Unit integration. Construction quality. The role of the software testing.Software analysis. Software errors (bugs). Methods and levels of testing. System testing. Integration testing. Unit testing. Top-to-bottom and bottom-up testing. Testing goals. Testing management. Testing planning and implementation. Improving the testing process. Performance testing. Security testing. Team testing. Testing of functional and non-functional requirements. Testing automation. Defining user requirements, managing and testing in relation to them. Doubting the test (the tool, the test data, the environment, the specification requirements). Testing user interfaces, web applications and databases. Practical lessons: Practical aspects of the process of software construction. Planning the construction process. Testing tools. Types of tools. Comparison of tools. Debugger and profiler. Team testing. Test plan creation. Test case creation. Testing the "black box". Testing the "white box". Testing the "gray box". Testing the user interface. Testing Web applications. Testing databases.
Lectures, computer exercises, consultations. Students are required to work within project teams. In latter weeks of the semester public presentations of project tasks are organized, where students discuss obtained results.The final exam is oral. Exam score is based on the success of the defence of project task and the final oral examination.
Bourque, P., Dupuis; R., Abran, A., Moore, J. W.Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge2005Sams PublishingEnglish
Patton, R.Software Testing2005English
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Project defenceYesYes50.00
Oral part of the examNoYes50.00
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Okanović Dušan
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Dejanović Igor
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Beočanin Miloš
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