A Word from our Dean

13.05.2013. - 15:33 

Prof. dr Rade Doroslovacki

Dear visitors,

Welcome to the website of the largest faculty in Serbia and beyond. It is the greatest, because it educates more than 11,000 students and has more than 1,200 employees. In the academic year 2012/2013, 1760 students were enrolled in the first year of study. The Faculty covers an area of 30,000 m2, including 7 buildings. The actual accreditation process of the new teaching activities increased the number of academic programs and students.

The Faculty was founded in 1960 as a Mechanical Engineering Faculty, and owing to the development of new curriculum in 1974 it was transformed into the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.

Nowadays, the Faculty consists of 13 departments that educate bachelor engineers, bachelor with honors engineers, master engineers, specialists and researchers with doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees in the field of: electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, power engineering, civil engineering & geodesy, traffic engineering, architecture & urban design, stage design, environmental and occupational engineering, graphic engineering & design, computer graphics, mechatronics, biomedical engineering, industrial engineering, engineering management and applied mathematics. The Faculty has 88 accredited study programs at all levels, covering technical and technological field, natural sciences and mathematics, art field and medical field through interdisciplinary studies.

Formally, we are organized as a faculty; essentially we function as a technical university.

By the introduction of the Bologna Declaration and improvement of the quality of teaching, the duration of study have been reduced from 12 years to 5 years and several months.

I would particularly emphasize the Research and Technology Park of the Faculty, making our faculty popular in the country and abroad. The Research and Technology Park is composed of small and medium enterprises, which employ around 2,000 of our graduates with degrees of all levels. Most of them would probably have left the country, searching for employment and personal development. However, they remain in Serbia and their work contributes to the development of our city Novi Sad, as well as Serbia state. A plan of Research and Technology Park is to increase the number of employees up to 10,000 in the years to come. In the first phase of construction, the building of the Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy was completed in 2012. In the second phase, a facility of 20,000 m2 is to be built, mostly for electrical and computer departments.

In December  2012, the Faculty Council made a decision to form a project team for preparing a strategy of the Faculty development in the short-term and long-term period. All department directors, vice-deans, heads of administration offices and the dean got a writing assignment to make a serious study of the Faculty growth, further improvements and modernization strategies. The first results were presented at the traditional scientific conference TREND (Development Trends), which has mutually been organized by the University of Novi Sad and Faculty of Technical Sciences for many years, as well as other gatherings in 2013.

A significant number of scientists with enormous number of papers published in the most respectable international journals on the SCI list are employed at the Faculty of Technical Sciences. The Faculty’s success in research is confirmed by a large number of patents, studies and realized inventions, as well. Also, the faculty hired a significant number of visiting professors from the country and abroad.

Professors of our faculty are leaders of national and international research projects. Every year, around 30 scientific and professional conferences take place at our Faculty. In March 2013, GAMM Congress of Science in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics was held. This Symposium was the largest of this kind ever held in the region of Serbia and the former Yugoslavia. It involved more than 1,000 distinguished experts from all over the world. In May 20013, a traditional gathering of "6th PSU-UNS International Conference on Engineering and Technology ICET-2013" was held, mutually organized by the University Prince of Songkla from Thailand and the Faculty of Technical Sciences, with significant participation of Shanghai University and Donghua University from Shanghai, China and many other countries. There are much more events to come.

Each year, the Faculty of Technical Sciences in collaboration with the University of Novi Sad organizes various events in order to promote and popularize science, such as the Science Festival, Night of the Researchers and many others. Job fairs are also tradition of this Faculty, enabling our students to prepare their employment or place for internship.

Every year our students organize and participate in traditional students games so-called "-IJADE", consisting of knowledge and sport competitions in which they achieve remarkable results. They are good as competitors in a number of regional and international competitions, as well as representatives in various sports.

The vision of the Faculty of Technical Sciences is "A HIGH PLACE AMONG THE BEST", and the primary objective is to educate the high-quality professionals in the field of engineering and related interdisciplinary fields, who will use their knowledge and skills to improve our society.