Subject: Introduction to electrical engineering (12 - URZP12)

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Scientific or art field:Theoretical Electrotechnics
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Course is active from 23.10.2012..

The course objective is to teach the students fundamental laws in electrical engineering, as well as to train them to solve electric circuits of direct current and time harmonic current.
Students who complete the course are able to solve simple electric circuits of direct current and time harmonic current. They also know how to calculate instantaneous, complex, active, reactive and maximum power in electric circuits. The students are able to individually solve simple electrical problems, to successfully communicate with their peers and to be a successful part of a multidisciplinary team.
Electric energy, voltage, potential. Capacitors. Intensity of electric current. Kirchhoff's Current law. Ohms law, resistors, series and parallel resistors, mixed resistors. Joules law. Kirchhoff's voltage law. Generators and their characteristics. Simple electric circuits. Direct current circuits. Time harmonic current. Impedance and simple AC circuits. Phasors. Complex domainl solutions of the AC circuits. Complex power. Maximum active power transfer. Symmetrical three phase systems.
The course consists of lectures and multimedia presentations. Inductive teaching method is applied. Engineering intuition is built based on a set of small examples . Students work on four lab experiments related to direct current and time harmonic current circuits.
Anamarija Juhas, Miodrag Milutinov, Neda Pekarić NađZbirka zadataka iz osnova elektrotehnike za strukovne studije2012edicija FTNSerbian language
Giorgio RizzoniPrinciples and applications of electrical engineering2011McGraw HillEnglish
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Laboratory exercise defenceYesYes10.00
Written part of the exam - tasks and theoryNoYes70.00
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Juhas Anamarija
Associate Professor

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Pekarić-Nađ Neda
Full Professor

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Herceg Dejana
Assistant Professor

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