Subject: Architectural representations 1 (17 - A333)

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Scientific or art field:Geometric Space Theory and Interpretation in Architecture and Urbanism
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Course is active from 22.11.2018..

Educating students to create architectural presentations by using basic computers techniques.
To apply acquired knowledge in further educational proccess and professional work.
Computer applications for archtectural presentations. Basic packages for sketching, designing and spatial modelling. Basic tools and methods for 2d drawing and presentations of architectural structures. Application of packages for creation of technical documentation. Tools for quick modelling three-dimensional architectural forms.
Lectures, practice in computer laboratory. Consultations.
Vijay DuggalA General Guide to Computer Aided Design a Drafting2000Cadd Education CenterEnglish
A. YarwoodIntroduction to AutoCAD 2013: 2D and 3D Design2012English
SchreyerArchitectural Design with Sketch Up2012English
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Project taskYesYes70.00
Practical part of the exam - tasksNoYes30.00
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Bajšanski Ivana
Associate Professor

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Vučić Marko
Assistant - Master

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Bogavac Dejan
Teaching Associate

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