General information

Type of studies
Undergraduate Academic Studies

Academic degree
Bachelor with Honours in Energy Technologies (B.Ener.Tech.)

Educational field

Scientific, professional or art field
Energy Technologies: Technical-Technological Sciences

Duration (year/sem)
4 / 8

Total ECTS

 Management staff for the study programme
First name and Last name
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Gvozdenac Urošević Branka
Associate Professor

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Year: 1, Semester: Winter

Mathematics 133006
Energy, society and environment33006
Electromechanical materials30307
Chemistry in Mechanical Engineering20204
Elective Course - Foreign Language20002

Year: 1, Semester: Summer

Mathematics 233006
Engineering Graphic Communications22119
Technical physics20206
Mechanics 1 – Fundamentals32017
Elective Course - Foreign Language 220002
Elective Course 122005

Year: 2, Semester: Winter

Fundamentals of Thermodynamics22005
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics21105
Fundamental electrical engineering22005
Energy Transformations22005
Information technologies in energetic management20207
Probability and Statistics22005

Year: 2, Semester: Summer

Operations Research33007
Power Converters31207
Energy efficiency33007
Elective Course - 133017

Year: 3, Semester: Winter

Modeling and Simulation in Energy Systems21117
Systems of Automatic Control in Power Engineering33007
Renewable Energy Sources32005
Cost-effective and energy-efficient electrical systems22006
Elective Course 233006

Year: 3, Semester: Summer

Measurement and Regulation22005
Engineering Calculations of Energy Technologies Apparatus and Equipment21106
Clean Electrical Energy Sources22027
Elective Course 333015
Elective Course 422006

Year: 4, Semester: Winter

Automation applied in the industry and buildings21105
Modern Energy Technologies30205
Design and Planning in Environmental Engineering33007
Elective Course 522004
Elective Course 633016
Proffesional Practice00043

Year: 4, Semester: Summer

Izborni predmet 722004
Waste to energy tehnologies32106
Elective Course 722006
Diplomski rad0001014