Subject: Theoretical Discourse in Architecture – Selected Chapters (06 - A006S)

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Scientific or art field:Architecture
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Course is active from 01.10.2007..

Unlike courses that deal with the development and advancement in the exploration of space in the visual arts this course would address diverse experiences and perception of space that existed through centuries and that were, in some of their aspects, liminal phenomena. During this course the space would be explored as a platform for experiment, transgression and a vehicle for different ideological concepts. Contrary to the overviews of representation of space in the arts the main subject of this course would be to unravel the vast area of liminal spaces, meta spaces, non places and other specific spatial categories.
The aim of this course is that students get acquainted with the phenomenology of limiinal spaces. After this course the students would be able to analyze and discuss different liminal spatial phenomena, Through their work on the semester course project they would be able to apply their theoretical knowledge as well as to explore their own personal understanding of the limilnal spaces.
1. The whole world in one closet shut - wunderkammer. Governing the world from a studiolo - maps, encyclopedias, Tempesta, Marsigli, Hogarth..., 3. GArdens as the playgrounds of the demurring, 4. The inner spaces of control, 5. The spaces of the civic pride - the Dutch interior of the moral, 6. Spaces of memory - the art of memory as the key element of the European history, 7. The Ordered Arcadia - ideal cities, labyrinths, 8. Impossible spaces - distopias, ruins,un- build spaces, non-places, 9. Spaces of the lost pasts and national memory, landscapes and spectacles of state...
Seminars, lectures, tutorials, research.
Marc AugeThe Non-Places2011Verso, LondonEnglish
Philippe DaverioMuseo Imaginario2011Skira, RomaItalian
Robert HarbisonUnbuilt and the Unbuiltable1991Thames and Hudson, LondonEnglish
Luis MumfordPovjest utopija2010Jesenski i Turk, ZagrebCroatian
Simon SchamaLandscape and Memory2004OUP, OxfordEnglish
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Term paperYesYes20.00
Oral part of the examNoYes30.00
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