Subject: Electric Motor Drives (06 - EE418)

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Scientific or art field:Power Electronics, Machines and Facilities
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Course is active from 13.10.2008..

The aims of the course are: 1. To understand the basic concepts of an electric motor drives. 2. To provide a general approach to an understanding of the performance and control techniques of various electric motor drive systems. 2. To understand characteristics and operating principle of power converters for feeding electric motor drives.
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Recognize the structure of electric drive systems in various applications. 2. Analyze systems with electric drives. 3. Analyze the performance of electrical machines in different modes of operation. 4. Evaluate the power and torque requirements placed by mechanical systems on electric drives. 5. Specify appropriate power electronic converters in drive applications. 6. Solve various electric motor drive problems.
Introduction. Classification of electric motor drives. Basic elements of an electric motor drives. Static and dynamic conditions of a drive system. Stability considerations of electrical drive. Selection of drive motors with regard to load conditions. D.C. motor drives: separately excited D.C. motor and series D.C. motor. Mathematical model of D.C. motor drives, mechanical characteristics, transient analysis, equivalent circuits. Speed control of separately excited D.C. and series motors. Armature and field control. Breaking of D.C. motors. A general survey of converters for feeding D.C. motor drives. Induction motor drives. Mathematical modeling of induction motor drives, mechanical characteristics, transient analysis, equivalent circuit. Speed control of induction motors. V/f controlled induction motors, PWM inverter drives - VSI & CSI fed motors, field oriented control, direct torque control. Breaking of induction motor drives. A general survey of converters for feeding induction motor drives. Applications of electrical drive technologies used in industrial systems: Hoists, elevators, presses and crushers, conveyor belts, electric traction systems, fans, pumps and compressors.
Lectures, Exercises.
V. VučkovićElektrični pogoni2002Akademska misao, BeogradSerbian language
B. Jeftenić, M. Bebić, N. Mitrović, Đ. Oros, M. PetronijeElektromotorni pogoni - zbirka rešenih zadataka2003Akademska misao, BeogradSerbian language
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Exercise attendanceYesYes5.00
Written part of the exam - tasks and theoryNoYes70.00
Lecture attendanceYesYes5.00
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Jeftenić Borislav
Full Professor

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Reljić Dejan
Associate Professor

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